More About Why I’m Running

I have prepared my entire life to become a judge. It all boils down to my upbringing. A big day in my house was
when my parents dressed up in their finest to vote at the polls. It is still hard for me to imagine a time where voting
was not always an event that households could celebrate.

What I did know from a young age is that I have always been interested in people and their stories. My natural ability to connect with individuals in all communities on different levels sparked my desire to pursue a career where everyone is important and for me, that translated to the practice of law. Over the years, the portraits of judges that adorn the court’s hallways and courtroom began to resemble people that look like the greater community. Law has since been my priority. As my legal career grew my priorities eventually shifted to building a family. I chose a career that satisfied my professional needs while allowing me to fulfill my personal needs. I have apprenticed under some of the finest minds in the law and still actively engaged in all of my five children while supporting my husband in his endeavors.

I’m running because it’s time for me to use my skills in a way that will be more valuable to my community–the citizens of
New Orleans.